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To provide basis for assessment of fair market value of the movable & immovable assets. For fiscal purposes it is required for Rating, Stamp Duty, Income tax including capital gains, Wealth tax, Central excise duty, Gift tax & for non fiscal purposes like Land acquisition, security for overseas education, Insurance, Merger, Amalgamation, Take-over, Disinvestment, Auction, Mortgage, Loan, Security etc.

Who should avail

Financial Institutions, Owner of the property, Chartered Accountants, Property Investors, Developers, Courts, Income tax department, Lawyers, local government authorities, Municipal authorities etc.


1. Immovable Properties

Land & Building

The valuation covers the real estate properties like Open Land, Under Construction / New/Old properties like Flats, Bungalows, Row Houses, Malls, Corporate Offices, IT Offices, Business Establishments, Factories, Stud Farms, Amusement Parks and many more.

2. Movable Properties

Plant & Machinery

Plant & machinery often makes up a significant part of a company's overall investment and for majority of the companies it exceeds the value of real estate assets. Our approach to valuation is to inspect and define the technical specification of the asset, analyse market evidence, calculate residual effective life and provide fair market value for both standard and specialised assets. The existing fixed asset registers of the client are consulted if required. The industries we served are like Petroleum, Petrochemical, Chemical, bio-chemical, Plastics & Rubber, Oil Extraction, Polymer, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Textile, Agriculture & farm, Dairy & Milk Products.


We provide valuation services of Automobiles and Construction equipments based on a detail inspection of the vehicle. The assessment is done covering all factors relevant to the working condition and affecting the valuation of the vehicle. The clients are Individuals, Financial Institutions, Corporates and many more.

Hardware & Software

Valuation of Hardware & Software used in various IT offices, Business Establishments, Income Tax department’s requests, Arbitration cases etc.


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