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Data Transfer

Q. How does your service works?
For our regular customers the requests are received by our office, the requisite report is completed within stipulated time and the ready reports are sent by FTP / email/courier. Every day Management Information Reports are sent to respective client.

For one timer, after confirmation of the order, we send the details of documents required by us. After receiving the documents, we follow our standards and complete the assignment, meanwhile we send an update on the progress of the work stage wise or daily as the need may be. After completion of the work we send preliminary report for review and comments. We do the final update as per your comments and then re-check before submitting the completed report. All submissions of information can be transmitted either way through FTP / e-mail /fax or courier.

Q. How do we transfer data to you?
You may either send Hard Copy, fax, courier, or email us the data.

Security and Privacy

Q. What Technology Platforms you use?
We are having legal software of Windows-2003 server with 15 N-stations and Microsoft Office 2007 applications with Quick Heal antivirus program, BSNL and Tata Indicom Broad band, Mobile Cameras with GPRS enabled Photo downloading feature, Internal Mobile numbers having Common User Group.

Q. What Security measures are used in the office?
Our report making division is having restricted entry policy, only Access Card holders are permitted in side. To keep Surveillance in the office CCTV is installed. Some formats which we use are trademarked hence no one is authorized to copy them.

Q. What is your security architecture?
The security of our clients' data is of paramount importance to us. We have Windows-2003 server having every day back up facility & we have weekly, monthly backups taken on another media which is located away from our office. The data on the server is purged by a fix interval For any type of casualty we are having plans to resolve the matter within no time.

Q. Will you use my data for other purposes?
No. BVCPLTM understands the privacy and security required to protect our clients' strategic information and processes. BVCPLTM will never sell, share, or distribute any client information or data without the prior written consent of the client except to the extent required for execution of the order.

Q. What is your privacy policy?
BVCPLTM will not sell, distribute, or share any customer data or information to any third party without prior written permission from the client except to the extent required for execution of the order.

Job Execution

Q. What is the delivery time on a typical assignment?
Due to our large staff of experienced engineers and valuers, we are able to deliver the assignment in 48 hrs and can meet the deadlines.

Q. What project tracking options are available with you?
We are having in house software, with the help of which we continuously monitor the status of every case & the priority of the cases is decided. For large projects the project is assigned to a project manager who manages the project and the client relationship. Project managers are available daily during normal business hours to provide status updates by phone or e-mail.

Q. How can I track the status of my data?
Based on your business size and with prior agreement, BVCPLTM can send you status reports that identify the status of execution of all the cases forwarded by you.

Q. What measures are taken for Business Continuity Preparedness?
We have employee up gradation system which is based on performance of the employee. The Competence Matrix is prepared for the staff and accordingly the training needs are fulfilled. Generally at any point of time we have @15 to 20% staff due for up gradation so any vacancy is fulfilled within no time hence we ensure continuity of business in the event of contingencies such as exit of key staff etc .


Q. What is your price basis?
BVCPLTM provides the service at the rate structure which is pre decided for the normal cases and for other cases; the price is mutually agreed with the concerned client.

Q. What are your payment terms and billing cycles?
We usually provide credit facility for payment of our regular clients. BVCPLTM invoices the client at every month end and we expect the delivery of the payment within 15 days time. For one time clients we present our invoice with the report and we expect the payment immediately at the time of delivery.

Q. How can payment be made?
Payment can be made in Rupees via cheque mailed directly or by DD in favour of company to our bank or by RTGS payment


Q. How do you guarantee your work?
We are having an up to date data of sale/purchase rates in the property market. We have devised our own mechanism to review and get latest rates of each area. Our methodologies are proven for years and we constantly monitor the effectiveness, hence we guarantee our deliverables.

Q. How do you ensure quality and accuracy?
BVCPLTM has a strong quality assurance/ inspection process to ensure the accuracy and quality of all the outputs. We are doing 100% quality checks for each & every case and the daily, monthly, quarterly quality achieved reports are displayed.

Q. What is your QC procedure?
Many of our processes are proprietary to BVCPLTM. Our quality procedures are specially designed for the variety of works we undertake. Our ability to deliver quality products and confidence to guarantee what we deliver makes us a good outsourcing sense.

Q. Are you ISO 9000 certified?
Yes. We are ISO-9001:2000 certified and going in for the certification of ISO-27001:2005 which is an Information Security Management System.


Q. What are different types of Values?

Fair Market value / open Market Value: A value given at specific time for specific purpose for a commodity where the transaction is between a willing seller and willing buyer under no forced circumstances.

Liquidation /Forced Sale/ Distress Value: The amount which may reasonably be expected to be obtained from the sale of a property within a time frame too short to obtain a value under open market conditions.

Potential Value: It is estimated in a situation when a property has got an inherent value which may enhance with the passage of time or in some alternative use within sight.

Special Value: It arises when a property offered for sale is of specialized nature & has a utility restricted to particular use or user.

Salvage Value: Is attached to a property which has already run its useful span of life but has not become absolutely useless in as much as the material it contains may be disposed off for value.

Replacement Value: Is obtained by working out the present cost of equivalent property as distinguished from an identical property.

Existing use value: It contemplates the continued use of a property for the same application as of the date of valuation having regard to the capacity of the property to continue to maintain the same service utility or income productivity, but not considering alternative or more probable uses, if sold.

Rateable Value: The value as is entered in the assessment book of the concerned local body or municipality which forms the basis of levy of tax on the land & building comprised in the property.

Investment Value: It is the value of a property to a particular investor, or a class of investor for specified investment objectives.

Book Value: The value of the property as entered in the books of accounts of a company or organization representing its original or historical cost of acquisition as diminished by cumulative depreciation till the year of accounting.

Sentimental value: Occurs owing to any particular sentiment motivating the vendor or purchaser in the transaction of the property that may not reflect its actual market price.

Going concern Value: It is expressed in terms of value ascribed to an established business, not to its constituent parts.

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